Co-founder & Strategy Director at Anagata
UX Lecturer at Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology

A strategist, designer, and facilitator.

I work with people with big beliefs to design new ways to create, transform, and manage brands.

To accelerate and bring meaningful changes.



I'll be joining Youth to Business to talk about "Branding and Identity Building" on the 29th of October, 2023.

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Anagata celebrates its four years anniversary. I asked everyone to create their own version of the number 4 and put it into these poster designs.


Design & Paper Talk is the first event of the new Anagata initiative, this event was a collaborative effort between the Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology, and Fedrigoni Paper. The objective was to help students and participants get a practical understanding of the working experience and in-depth knowledge from experts from various fields.


I had the opportunity to take on the role of the lead facilitator to uncover the new Forte’s tagline and brand promise. The Anagata team and I organized a workshop to help their team generate those ideas, which was attended by the marketing department, marketing managers, and Chief Brand Officer.


The world of branding is confusing. Even professionals find it hard to align with each other. Especially the definition part. The word brand itself is thrown around like crazy.

So, What is a “BRAND”?


A brand identity system is a tool used by a company to help customers identify & remember you faster.

What are some key considerations when you design/redesign it?